Exclusive Rewards for Our Dedicated Community

COREx is offering an exclusive whitelist opportunity for our most dedicated community members. To qualify for the whitelist, you'll need to participate in our Galxe campaign. Start by connecting your wallet and completing the missions outlined in the Galxe Campaign.

Once you've fulfilled the campaign requirements, use the same wallet to engage with our Testnet at COREx Testnet. Here, you're invited to participate in activities such as swapping tokens and contributing to liquidity pools daily.

Your involvement on our platform is valuable, and we track your actions as a token of appreciation. In return, we are excited to offer you a free mint of our dynamic NFTs, limited to one NFT per wallet address. This is our way of thanking you for your loyalty and engagement with COREx.

Our dynamic NFTs come packed with several high-value benefits, the details of which will be disclosed before the NFT drop. These will be available on our Gitbookβ€”be sure to check back regularly for updates. If you receive an NFT but fail to participate daily in our Testnet, your NFT will be marked as inactive, resulting in a loss of associated privileges and benefits. Conversely, if you actively engage in our events throughout the operational phase up to the TGE event, your NFT will be upgraded to include additional perks and benefits.

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